PLEXXAGLASS Releases Uplifting New Single “Tall”

Non-binary artist, PLEXXAGLASS has debuted their new single “Tall,” a towering single about perseverance and finding yourself despite the growing pains. Atmospheric, slow building and illuminated by strong vocals, PLEXXAGLASS opens up their soul to share some of the pain they’ve gone through, but also the strength they’ve found in learning to get back up […]

Patricia Sanchez |
PLEXXAGLASS says goodbye to toxicity with new single “DYD”

We have all been through those toxic relationships. Whether it’s a boyfriend or a close friend, there is a deep emotional drain that is sucked out of us. When we are pushed to the breaking point, sometimes we have to make those difficult decisions. Non-binary talent PLEXXAGLASS is cutting the negativity out of their life […]

Chloe |