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Photos: The Rec Center gets Wrecked by Devour Records with Katatonic, Trap Girl and more

There were so many great shows on Friday night but it’s likely Devour records birthday celebration at DIY venue The Rec Center, for founder Sergio Candelario was the most wild. Sergio and his band Katatonic with longtime bandmates Giuliano Scarfo and Brian Melendez, and scream queen Nathalie Martin opened the night so the band could […]

New Video: “Slaughter House” by Infantree

One of our favorite LA bands, Infantree, has come out with a sick (and I mean that in both the cool and gross way) for their creepy song “Slaughter House.” If you’re a vegan or vegetarian or just hate the look of raw and red meat, this probably isn’t the video for you. Infantree just […]

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