Dayum son! Is this nonsense true?! Four million for Prince! Although I do love my platform wearing little man, 4 mill is just crazy! Read the full article here. Hopefully it won’t be a big disappointment like Madonna was in 06. “What kind of an artist makes her loyal fans wait 20 minutes in a hot stuffy tent until she decides to grace them with her presence. Get off your high horse and at least have the decency to request the mainstage so everyone can see you.” That was a quote from my Coachella review in 06, in a certain entertainment magazine. Hmm, I wonder why it got edited out.

I guess Coachella really needs to sell more 3-day tickets! I just checked ticketmaster and there’s still a lot available. Maybe if they had picked a better line-up this year or had made that David Bowie rumor into a reality, things would be a bit different.