I Loathe Southwest Airlines

I don’t know how many years it’s been since I’ve flown this degenerate airline, but I hope I’m never subjected to it again. I always fly United (for the most part) and now I know why; for the quality of service and not feeling like a 3rd world immigrant cruising around on a over loaded vehicle with some chickens and goats.

  1. Southwest could not accommodate me a later flight or stand by without paying almost triple the price of my original flight, even though my circumstances were pretty damn important. United has re-scheduled all my flights with ease and at no additional cost. In fact, they like when passengers give up the popular early scheduled flights to any metropolitan city, because everyone always has business to conduct at those hours. They even will offer you a free flight voucher if you give up your seat to another person in need. You’re usually on stand by for the next flight and make it in. I cashed in big time on my flight back from Australia last April.
  2. Talk about the most absurd system of getting passengers on board. If anything, their stupid number system and signage is a waste of fuckin’ time. Even smart people like myself didn’t quite understand if I was in side A or B, 1-30 or 30-40. And what bitch ass sticklers they are if you try to board even one number ahead of yours. United don’t pull this bull shit and their ain’t no whack ass open seating where everything become a cluster fuck and carry-ons are lost.
  3. Rude, rude, rude! The women, men and queens that are supposed to help you on board and off are worthless and snooty. Get off your high horse! This shit is Southwest first of all and domestic! You ain’t on no International flight to London. I not only came across this ish, but observed others around me as well.
  4. How many college kids can we fit into 1 VW Bug? As a passenger on a Southwest flight, that is how it feels; cramped, stuffy and smelly.

I won’t fly this flying city bus ever again.

4 thoughts on “I Loathe Southwest Airlines

  1. Sandy Post author

    Yeah, they’ve atually improved (some) the last couple times I flew them. I def prefer Virgin or Jet Blue tho!

  2. Chris P

    love love love your site. Totally agree. On the rare occasion when I have to fly SW…I wear an American Airlines shirt. I hate them and their ridiculous excuse for service.
    The reason people love them is cause they’ve taught people to expect very little. Back when the mainline carriers were still serving free food, there was a survey on airlines and SW was like #2 on food service…dumbasses…they didn’t serve anything but peanuts. Silly people!

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