No Vegoose in 2008!

Awe man, I still remember the first Vegoose in 2005 and how much fuckin’ ridiculous fun I had. Imagine 24-hours of music for 2 whole days in a row (it expanded to 3 days). People were dressed up in all sorts of crazy costumes as it is a Halloween weekend. From the fans to the musicians, it was a freak fest. In fact the photo header at the top of this blog I shot there (Flaming Lips bassist, Michael Ivins). The festival would end around midnight, you’d head back to your hotel, fuel up and be back out for a night show at a venue like the House of Blues by 2 am. Definitely one of my top 5 music festivals.

But, sadly, according to Reutters, The Las Vegas music festival Vegoose will not take place in 2008, one of its producers told

“We’re not saying it’s killed, it’s just not going to happen in 2008,” said Jonathan Mayers, president of Superfly Presents, which co-produces Vegoose with A.C. Productions. Read the full article here.

Oh sweet memories, click here:

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