Nine Inch Nails Gives Away Entire New Album "The Slip" For FREE!!!

Nine Inch Nails Entire Free Album download The Slip

Wow! Talk about generous … Nine Inch Nails is giving their entire new album, “The Slip,” away for free to all that love their music. And to think, it was just about 8 years ago when Metallica’s, Lars Ulrich, threw a hissy fit in regards to his loyal fans, who some probably couldn’t afford purchasing their CD, were actually downloading his music illegally. Heaven forbid. Whatevs, I still fuckin’ love early Metalica, but that shit was whack.

Well, the benjamin$ ain’t everything … Trent Reznor announced on he is giving away the entire album as a download via as a thank-you to fans. Now that’s pretty fuckin’ rad, and has made me love this sexy, unique musician even more. Hopefully more bands of their stature will follow in their footsteps.

Get your album here.

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