sxsw drunk driving accident
Drunk Driver Crashes into Crowd at SXSW Leaving 2 Dead and 23 Injured

UPDATE: The Associated Press have reported that a man and woman who were riding on a moped were killed after being struck by a drunk driver fleeing from arrest and driving through a SXSW street barricade. The driver also injured 23 other people of which five of them critically. The driver faces two counts of […]

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Best Coast new EP fade away
Best Coast Share A New Song, “This Lonely Morning”

L.A.’s Best Coast have shared another new song from their forthcoming EP, Fade Away, out October 22. The new song titled “This Lonely Morning” is a catchy number with a very repetitive chorus sure to hook and reel you in. Expanding on their creativity and independence, Best Coast’s new EP Fade Away, will be the […]

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female fashion icons in music
Top 5 Female Fashion Icons in Music

This is not going to contain meat dresses or self-proclaimed “fierce” “divas,” not only because those chicks are clattered down with 72 stylists to just take a stroll in the park, but also because who cares? Talk about well-worn territory. 2013 style is not only generally pretty boring, but simultaneously gratuitously self-congratulatory. It’s my professional […]

Grimy Goods Featured as Timbre's Music Blog of the Week!
Grimy Goods Featured as Timbre’s Music Blog of the Week!

For those of you music lovers that travel a lot, whether it be for work or leisure — unfortunately, there isn’t a Grimy Goods show list in every city (at least not yet). It’s probably difficult to find a great show in unfamiliar cities, especially if it’s a lesser known city. The past couple months […]

men in short shorts hipster
Hot vs Not: Men in Short Shorts

As fashion trends change and revert back to yesteryear, we can say goodbye to the hot men we’ve seen this summer sporting them short-shorts along the city streets as well as the beach. The fall season begins on Sept. 22, so if you got the body boys, you may as well keep rockin’ it until […]

jean cut-off booty shorts
Hot vs Not: Cut-Off Jean Booty Shorts

“Booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere!” Cut-off jean booty shorts were all the rage this summer. We were seeing ass cheeks from the East Side all the way to the swanky West Side. If you got it, by all means rock it; however, this style isn’t for every gal. Complement what you’re working with and try […]

horrible tanlines photo
Hot vs Not: Summer is fading away, but those tanlines … not so much!

You can always tell who’s the MidWest tourist cruising the beaches of Southern California. While bodies lay across the sand shimmering with olive tans, the cheese stands alone. Our guess is that this guy is from Wisconsin … play on player!

BAt for lashes jon hopkins song
New Song: Bat for Lashes and Jon Hopkins “Garden’s Heart”

We just caught the immensely talented Jon Hopkins open up for Purity Ring last week at the Fonda Theatre. The budding producer is creating the score for the upcoming film, How I Live Now, and today, he’s shared a special track from the movie’s soundtrack. The song titled, “Garden’s Heart” features Natasha Khan of Bat […]

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top hats
Hot vs Not FYF Edition: Top Hats

Top hats at FYF? Sure, why not — and if you look as cute as this girl does, you can wear a bowl of rotten fruit on top of your head and still look attractive. It’s damn hot and sunny at FYF, and if you’re fair-skinned, you should definitely wear some sort of hat to protect […]

boob sweat photo
4 Ways To Avoid Boob Sweat at FYF!

OMG … FYF is four days away! Are you ready? This here FYF post is for the ladies, particularly the ladies with boobs (no so much for the mosquito bites). If you’ve ever been to a hot summer music festival, you’re more than familiar with the perils of boob sweat. It’s supposed to hit the mid […]

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