Lykee Li

I remember I wrote an article for the Los Angeles Journal about 4 years ago titled, “The Swedish Invasion.” Basically, I expressed how Swedes fuckin’ rock and how in the past few years they’ve received a lot more exposure (The Hives, The Sounds, Sahara Hot Nights, etc.). And of course all those mentioned bands are pretty popular now, especially The Sounds. Which by the way, I absolutely LOVE Maja. Anyhow, I came across this Stockholm starlet, Lykke Li, and I have a good feeling she’ll be the next Swedish sensation.

Such a sexy, yet child-like voice — you kinda feel like a dirty old man listening to her harmonize with that sultry sound. She released her first album, “Youth Novels” on her own label, LL Recordings this past February. Up next, her debut EP “Little Bit,” will be released on 10″ vinyl / digitally on 24th September. Check out some of her tunes below.

Dance. Dance. Dance

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