Argentina's Next Metal Sensation

Holy shit, I just came across a string of metal covers from these cute lil Argentinian kids. But dayum can they rock out! Can’t really make out what they are saying amongst the broken English, but whatevs, it’s pretty cool. They’re band is called GAUCHOS DE ACERO. Check out their video below covering Iron Maiden’s, “Trooper.” It’s my favorite because their little sister, who is probably only 3, begins to head bang and join the fun. Reminds me of growing up with my 3 older brothers and me always trying to nose around whatever they were doing. If you got some Spanish reading skills such as myself, peep their blog.


One thought on “Argentina's Next Metal Sensation

  1. Los Gauchos

    Hola Gracias por escribir de nosotros ,te cuento que estamos con nuestros temas propios y los estamos regalando podes descargarlo de ares o de nuestro myspace/gauchosdeacero ya subiremos los videos de nuestros temas en estos dias.Aguante el metal!!!!!

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