Amp Walk of Shame Commercial

Without a doubt we have all been here. Those awful walks of shame back to your car where you can’t even remember where you parked it! Worse yet, long walks home as you pass by some acquaintances. Strolling down the street on a sunny Sunday morning in my fuck me boots, and sex head, looking like a streetwalker in a mini dress from a Saturday night rendezvous. This Amp energy drink commercial is awesome! Props to the creative minds behind it.


2 thoughts on “Amp Walk of Shame Commercial

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  2. Krackteen

    Oh, man! It’s been forever since I’ve done The Walk. But now I remember it clearly. lol One of my old roommates in college was madd sprung on some dude. We went to the frat party he was throwing and ended up leaving aften ten minutes because the shit was whack. However, she stayed behind … and the next morning we realized she had not come home. So we went back to Frat Row, collected our hungover roommate and did something like the Walk of Shame Retrieval. lol When we walked into the house I actually said: “Yes, I AM CAPTAIN SAVE-A-HO … where is that girl?” 🙂

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