For all you weirdoes with an uncanny Charo fetish, the old coquette is back. Her new album features her guitar skills, which actually aren’t too bad. So don’t worry about hearing any annoying “cuci cuchi” on this mix. What should be intersting about her new tunes, “Espana Cani,” is that it’s all guitar, no vocals. Set to the beat of dance remixes from some of the hottest DJ’s in the county, her album sets to fall on June 5, 2008. Hosting a live performance to an intimate crowd of invitees at her Beverly Hills mansion, it’s sure to be shits and giggles for all. Look out gay pride, this top-heavy entertainer will be promoting her new album and will be the Grand Marshall of San Francisco Gay Pride event. So bring out your best Charo fits if you want roll on her pink float.