MTV And NBC Get Buddy Buddy With AST

Wow (as I say that in a monotone, satirical manner), MTV and NBC has inked a partnership with the AST (Action Sports Tour). No surprise here, and I think for anyone to get all angry about it is kind of lame. Hate it or love it, skateboarding once again becomes even more mainstream and profitable. It’s like when your favorite band that was once so under the radar goes huge, you naturally feel disappointed because of all the douches and corpos that begin to exploit them to more douches and corpos. Well at least the musicians are then getting the pay and notoriety they deserve for their unique talents. In the same turn, skaters are equally entitled in receiving proper dues for all their hard work and skill.

This newest venture ain’t nothin’ of the new. C’mon now, MTV already brought out Jack Ass, Viva La Bam, Rob and Big (which I love), and the horrible Life of Ryan. What about the Maloof Money Cup? Now that’s some corpo shit, but pretty damn awesome nonetheless. Similarly, our skaters deserve that cash money comin’ in from the Dew Tour and such. This new partnership just provides more opportunities and money for skaters to make a living, and yes corpos are profiting but what’s new? Now when NBC comes out with their all American team (hypothetically speaking) and skateboarding goes pop warner, then it’s the apocalypse. But until then just keep it real and nevermind the bull shit, support the under before the over.

Suicidal Tendencies – “Go Skate”

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