Led Zeppelin Tour

To tour or not to tour, that is the question. The hype about a Led Zeppelin tour is still going on, and probably will be until Robert Plant decideds to bring a “whole lotta love” our way and fullfill the desires of many of us loyal fans with a tour. As stated before, Plant is on tour with Alison Krauss and hopefully will decide to make our Zeppelin dreams a reality in 09. It seems Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page, is good to go for show time but in regards to Plant coming on board he said, “I’m not going to persuade anyone to do anything. It’s just like the O2, you do it in the spirit of your heart, don’t you? You either do it or you don’t.”

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One thought on “Led Zeppelin Tour

  1. Kelly

    If it’s anything like the show they did in London last year I am sure a lot of real Zep fans won’t be able to afford it. Tickets will be going to the same celeb “fans” that go to Madonna concerts. Zep tix went for 75k a ticket in London. If you want a cheaper version of Zepplin but still a good jam, check out Led Zeppagain. Good tribute band and I swear if you close your eyes you might think you are back in the good ole days.

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