Metallica Saves Face!

Well looks like Metallica felt pretty stupid for throwing a hissy fit about their early reviews across the web. Apparently, the band’s website now includes links to the once-offending reviews. Whether it was Metallica’s bitchin’ about the reviews or the PR/manager’s bad call, the cat’s out the bag. Read all about what The Quietus editor, John Doran had to say about all the drama here.

2 thoughts on “Metallica Saves Face!

  1. Sandy

    I definitely don’t think they suck, but I do hate their greed and how they’ve conducted themselves so poorly since the whole Napster fiasco. I guess for some it’s not all about he music, but the dolla$!

  2. bdoc

    Metallica are the biggest sellout corporate stooges to ever pose as musicians. They started their crappy little careers saying “screw the critics and corporations, we’re in for the kids” and ended up saying “screw the kids and anyone who thinks they can hear our music with out paying, we’re in for the cash.” Anyone who supports this fake ass poser band is an easily brain-washed idiot without the ability to form an original thought (much like the band themselves). The ultimate irony being that the have plagiarized every Mother Goose nursery rhyme imaginable in every one of their hits. And don’t even get me started on the “I sing and dance for money, but I’m not gay or effeminate” mannerisms Hetfield uses to make sure every one knows that he’s a tough guy… (Can anyone say overcompensation?) They suck and destroyed NAPSTER and your right to trade music. Nice going…and nice going to the rest of you for supporting them….

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