Del Mar Races Concert Schedule

For those of you fortunate enough to live and breath in the beautiful San Diego, the Del Mar races are a commin’! Yes we all love opening day, getting all dressed up in a cute dress if you’re a lady, with a hat to match. And if your a guy, your sure stoked on the booty and beaver shots shown through out the drunken day. Wednesday July 16, it all goes down. So call in sick!

Check out the concert schedule! Nothing like 4 o’ clock Fridays to make it a true San Diego summer. And dude, DEVO is fuckin playing! The best band to come out of Akron, Ohio, along side the The Black Keys!

Friday, Gavin Rossdale (Bush) (July 18)
Friday, Super Diamond (25)
Saturday, Gnarls Barkley (26)
Fridayi, Pinback (Aug 1)
Friday, The Bravery (8)
Saturday, Reggae Fest ft. Ziggy Marley (9) No way, Ziggy Marley is playing … that’s a first! eh
Friday, Special Guest (15)
Friday, Black Francis (The Pixies) (22)
Friday, Steel Pulse (29)
Saturday, Devo (30)
Wednesday, The English Beat (Sept 3)

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