So as Burton plows its deep pockets into the purchase of DNA Distribution, home to Alien Workshop and Habitat Skateboards, they now have added another treat to their goodie bag. Gracing the rooftop of their 7th flagship store on LA’s hip Melrose Avenue, you’ll now see a fatty half-pipe in the makes. The construction began on Monday and is set to be complete this evening. So cruise on by and check it out. But chances are you probably won’t be lucky enough to skate it. Access to the ramp will be limited to who-ever the skate manager says can skate it.

8175 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90094
323-370-1777 (snow)
323-370-1700 (surf)
323-370-1711 (skate)
Store hours are:
10am-7pm Monday through Saturday
11am-6pm on Sundays