Ryan Sheckler on Cover of ESPN Magazine

“I want to give them more reasons not to like me. Ryan Sheckler

Oh my god! Ryan Sheckler on the cover of ESPN Magazine for the X-games preview! Go figure they’d choose one of the most marketable faces in skateboarding, teen beat heart-throb right?

Ryan is the first legitimate teenage heartthrob in our industry. People who watch him arent skateboarding fans, theyre Ryan Sheckler fans. Vert skater Andy Macdonald

(My thoughts exactly, they aren’t skateboarding fans)

“Personally, I think skateboarding is harder than throwing a basketball in a hoop, so Im all for it growing up and being taken seriously. Ryan is helping do that, and he gets hated on the hardest. Pro street skater Jereme Rogers

Don’t get me wrong, the kid can skate but so can a grip of other skaters, who some are waaaay better, only difference, they aren’t marketed to high school tweens with their pocket heavy parents. Nor do they carry themselves in a manner set to receive ridicule. Just cut the bitching and drama, but I guess that’s OC steez in “The life of Ryan.”

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