Ever wondered what songs Bowie put out were his favorite? Well the man with two-toned eyes will present his own favorite recordings: “iSELECT:BOWIE”

Earlier this year, David Bowie was asked by a UK newspaper to compile a selection of 12 songs from his own catalog for a limited edition giveaway CD titled iSELECT: BOWIE. Rather than submitting a surface-skimming list of top hits, Bowie delivered an unexpectedly personal, career-spanning selection of recordings he “never seems to tire of,” including two exclusive tracks, with his own insightful notes. Bundled with the June 29, 2008 Mail On Sunday newspaper, the CD was sold out and unavailable by the next day, becoming an out-of-print collectors’ item and stirring worldwide interest. To meet demand for this eclectic and personal collection, Virgin/EMI will commercially release iSELECT: BOWIE on CD and digitally on October 14.

 iSELECT: BOWIE (CD, Digital Album)
  1.   Life On Mars? (from the album Hunky Dory)
  2.   Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (from the album Diamond Dogs)
  3.   The Bewlay Brothers (from the album Hunky Dory)
  4.   Lady Grinning Soul (from the album Aladdin Sane)
  5.   Win (from the album Young Americans)
  6.   Some Are (currently exclusive to this compilation)
  7.   Teenage Wildlife (from the album Scary Monsters)
  8.   Repetition (from the album Lodger)
  9.   Fantastic Voyage (from the album Lodger)
  10.  Loving The Alien (from the album Tonight)
  11.  Time Will Crawl (MM Remix) (new remix by David Bowie)
  12.  Hang On To Yourself [live] (from the album Live Santa Monica '72)