Oasis "Dig Out Your Soul" Free Full Album Stream

Oasis is set to drop their seventh studio album on Monday, October 7 but if you want to stream the album in it’s enirety for free, you can do so on their myspace. From “Bag it up” to “Soldiers on,” check out all eleven songs from their new album “Dig out Your Soul.” I guess Noel Gallagher is jumping on the free music bandwagon. He must feel like a dumb ass for knockin’ Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” freebie. I do recall him saying:

“I didn’t spend a year in the most expensive studio in England, with the most expensive producer in America and the most expensive graphic designer in London, to then give it away. F*** that.”

Looks like someone’s got his expensive foot in his mouth … Anyhow, the album is pretty good. They never tickled my fancy too much before, but I kinda dig this album.

Can we makes speaks?

I likes:

“I’m Outta Time” -Slow, sweet and melodic with some soothing instrumentals. I think I’d take a bubble bath to it with a nice glass of Pinot (then drop my flat iron in the tub).

“Get off Your High Horse Lady” – Sounds like the Beatles took a trip to the Midwest and had one too many bottles of Jack in some dark hokey saloon. Good shit!

“The Nature of Reality” – It gots a nice blues swagger to it. The kinds a hot chick with a nice booty can strut her goods to as she walks into a hip bar. Again, sweet instrumentals, especially the bass geeeetar.

The band’s first US tour in three years kicks off December 3, in Oakland. Yes, you heard right, OAKLAND! Kinda odd, you would think they’d have a bigger following in San Fran, but I guess the thugs are gettin’ soft these days. Lets just hope Gallagher doesn’t get another beat down like he did at the V Festival in Toronto. Check out the full US tour schedul here.

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