The Hawk enterprise only continues to get stronger.  Apparently Tony Hawk is now the sole owner of Birdhouse Skateboards.  Once under Blitz Distribution, President Per Welinder will continue his focus on the remaining Blitz Brands—Baker, Flip, Fury, Sk8mafia, and Hook-Ups. However, Blitz will also continue to distribute Birdhouse. A pretty bold move to make with regard to the state of our economy, sweet none the less. Whatchoo think???

Check out the full press release:


Tony Hawk Acquires Birdhouse Skateboards

Vista, CA,  October 14, 2008 – Tony Hawk and Per Welinder, business partners for the past 15 years, reached a definitive agreement whereby Tony Hawk has acquired all interest in the Birdhouse Skateboards brand from Blitz Distribution, Inc.

By purchasing the brand, Tony Hawk will initiate integrating Birdhouse into his overall activities and his business, Tony Hawk, Inc. Full ownership will also give Tony increased oversight and involvement to his biggest priority, the Birdhouse team riders.

The asset purchase will allow Per Welinder to continue his passion of incubating core brands. Blitz continues to distribute the Birdhouse, Baker, Flip, Fury, Sk8Mafia and Hook-Ups brands.

About Tony Hawk Inc.
Tony Hawk Inc. is a world leader in its field with the unprecedented ability to bring alternative sports and their unique lifestyle to the masses while maintaining an indispensable edge of authenticity with the market’s hard-core, trendsetting audience. Founded by Tony Hawk in 1998 and based in Vista, CA, the company is organized into five segments: Merchandising, Events, Endorsements, Film and Digital Media. These lifestyle sports include skateboarding, BMX, Motocross, surfing and snowboarding. Consumer goods bearing the Tony Hawk brand have dominated several markets, including video games, skateboards and sporting goods, lifestyle apparel, toys, interactive content, food, publications and more.

About Blitz Distribution
Blitz Distribution is located in Huntington Beach, CA  and distributes some of the most important brands in skateboarding, The company distributes  skateboarding products around the world, from mom and pop shops to sporting good stores. Through the years the goal of Blitz remains providing highest quality products at reasonable prices to encourage the continued growth of skateboarding as a passion, an activity and way of life.