Dan Auerbach at the Bowery Ball Room – March 3, 2009 Show Review

danWhat an incredible show! There was copius shots of Jack Daniels, delicious cigarettes, friendly show goers, and (most importantly) kick ass melt your geriatric grandma’s face off motherfuckin’ rock and roll!

Those Darlins were a treat of an opener. Their dirty country swagger and rad outfits (ruffly booty shorts)! A fucking fox or lion or whatever the fuck feline costume! Hilarious AND sexy!) made a memorable performance and a new fan: me

Hacienda layed down the double stuf in a delectable milk soaked Oreo of an evening. Melodies for days and guitarmanship to rival blues legends. Oh yeah, that’s the goods.

Then there came Dan the Man (Auerbach for the uninformed) who brought the fucking roof down. No I’m serious, I think the building was crumbling under the sheer rock awesomeness. From the delightful and pleasantly tranquil opener “Trouble Weighs A Ton” to a fanfuckingtastic cover of “Oh Carol.” He was clearly in the zone and seemed to be having a damn jolly ol’ good time in it too. Dude was all smiles the whole way through. Always nice to see someone actually enjoying their work. And work he did. Crazy solos audibly ranging from straight up blues to straight jacket pysch rock. He was clearly on a mission: mission accomplished.

There wasn’t a person who left that show who didn’t feel blown away. I’ll put my life on it. Ok well, maybe your cat’s life on it (sorry Toonces). Lest I forget Hacienda backing Dan thru his aural assault. They were the Tenille to his Captain, wow that analogy sucks..

On a serious note, the Bowery Ballroom is a gem of a venue. Quick courteous bar service, amiable patrons, an intimate layout perfect for necking, and schaweet acoustics. This place will be frequented much more often by the likes of me.

So big thanks to the Bowery Ballroom for holding it down (don’t go changin’) and muchas gracias to Those Darlins, Hacienda, and of course Mr. Dan Auerbach for slayin’ it.


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