Kifune Oystershot!

In celebration of the day I was born (yesterday), the raddest Dutch import to ever hit LA took me to a dope lil sushi spot in Venice Beach. I highly recommend dining and drinking at Kifune. Delicious fresh sushi, cool chefs and a fun clientele.

I’ve never taken an oyster shot with a quail egg, and never had any desire to until last night. The chick next to us offered me one for my birthday. She said they were delicious and I HAD to try it. So I did and it was damn good, but super hard to take down. It took me three attempts to finally clear that monstrous shot glass filled with all sorts of oysters and goodies.

[rockyou id=136925972&w=500&h=250]

One thought on “Kifune Oystershot!

  1. Kristy Z.

    Awe, u look so cute in that last pic with your cheeks all full. Like a lil girl. Sandrita!

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