The Black Lips Featuring GZA

The Black Lips get dirty with the GZA and I’m not sure if I like it . . . I think their song “The Drop I Hold” is better off sans the GZA. Don’t get me wrong, I’m down with the Brooklyn native, founder of the Wu, but I’m just not diggin’ this track. Listen to it for yourself here.

The Lips released The Drop I Hold EP yesterday, exclusively at iTunes. The EP features the original album track, instrumental and video, along with the new version with GZA.

Check out their trippy video for “The Drop I Hold” over at VBS TV.


3 thoughts on “The Black Lips Featuring GZA

  1. Sandy

    Thanks for the info Jake. “Charming” eh? You must be from the UK? Nice! “I’ll be with you” has been my weekly video for a couple weeks now. Love it!

  2. Jake Selway

    this is the best thing ever, two best artists!!!
    still really loving ‘i’ll be with you’ by those guys, such a charming song…u can download it off their site now 🙂

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