Black Lips – Detorit Bar, Costa Mesa

So I was gonna write a review on this very high energy, no vomiting or pissing on fans Black Lips show, but I opted not to.  There’s already a recent review on here of their New York show and it’s pretty damn good. But I will say: the show fuckin rocked! Detroit Bar is a tiny venue, all the more intimate, all the more better. Only in California. Black Lips as always, high energy and inducing lots of smiles on our faces.

13 thoughts on “Black Lips – Detorit Bar, Costa Mesa

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  2. Jake Selway

    Yea that i’ll be with you track is available to download on their site now, im gay and got it on vinyl 😉

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  6. Anonymous

    hey, i met u last night! cool blog!! if u ever want some music check out

  7. Kellz

    Ya Sandy the show was rad! Always so fun hangin with the coolest chick I know! Dance your ass off at Coachella and have a super fantastical time!

  8. Kris

    HAHA these guys are pure gnar!!!
    best live act i’ve seen by a country mile, cant wait till they over here in the uk in may, we will be attending for sure 🙂

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