The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

I love Metric and all things Emily Haines. Although their new album Fantasies doesn’t quite tickle my fancy as did their prior albums, I can’t seem to get the catchy “Gimmie Sympathy” out of my head. As the hook goes “who would you rather be, The Beatles of The Rolling Stones?”

Photo: Bob Bonis

Photo: Bob Bonis

I’ve been asked this question twice in the past week, I choose the Stones. No matter where your loyalty lies, looks like both these legendary rockers led some pretty crazy-cool lives (as if we didn’t know). Check out these newly discovered photos of the two iconic bands. Found at the bottom of an old duffle bag, these candid shots taken by Bob Bonis and ranging from 64′-66,’ reveal classic moments from when the two bands first came to America. The Not Fade Away Gallery in New York will be showcasing the photos through May 17.

2 thoughts on “The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

  1. Blair

    This would be sweet to check out. When you flying to NY? We can coordinate our trips and swing by this exhibit.

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