Mike Vallely Goes Bro With Affliction!

It’s bad enough that skateboarding has become over saturated in new markets, loosing a lot of its essence, now it seems to becoming more bro everyday. Mike Vallely is one bad ass dude. It’s so disappointing to see him representing bro-brand Affliction. It’s the So Cal bro-brand on the West Coast, and the Jersey trash gear of the East. Losers over there complement their Affliction T’s with dirty tore up Kmart specials denims and sweat pants underneath them (so the sweatpants show through the holes). No joke, I seen it first-hand. Ironic that Mike V was born there, BTW, so was I.

I can’t say I haven’t seen any other skaters drop into the bro-world (SRH, Sullen), because I have, but I wouldn’t expect that of Mike V.


5 thoughts on “Mike Vallely Goes Bro With Affliction!

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  3. Billy

    Bros, preps, jocks . . . they all want in on skateboarding because it’s the new “cool” thing. It’s up to us who love it from the beginning when we were “black sheeps”to keep it real and the poser out.

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