Idolator Sticks it to Lady Ga Ga: HARD

Lady-Ga-Gar-RSHot damn! Popular music blog, Idolator hands Lady Ga Ga her buttah-face on a plate. Although on the cover of Rolling Stone, Lady Ga Ga gets served on Idolator. You gotta peep the write-up, it’s fuckin haaalariouse and full of validity.

“Sorry! Perhaps now that you know this you can try to, I don’t know, write a better hook? Or at least stop touring with the Pussycat Dolls, who you really aren’t all that different from, despite your art-school protests?”

PS – I really hate that Rolling Stone wastes their covers for someone so talentless (they’ve done it many times). Sure don’t make them like they used to . . .

4 thoughts on “Idolator Sticks it to Lady Ga Ga: HARD

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  2. Sandy

    Seriously! Can’t believe she’s on the cover of Rolling Stone, uh wait, actually I can. That’s why I’m down for SPIN.

  3. Kristine G

    I like to call her LADY GAG (drop the second ‘a’) because she makes me want to do just that!

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