Vans: Off The Wall Book Release Party Photos

The TMZ dude, Max was up in the mix.

The TMZ dude, Max was up in the mix.

Vans held quite the event at their Cypress headquarters last night for the release of their “Vans: Off The Wall  Stories of Sole” book release. It was a great turn out for this invite only event with skateboard icons Tony Alva, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Steve Van Doren, Omar Hassan and more sigining away on the books. Fuel TV was up in the mix, as was that one TMZ dude Max, the dumb (funny) surfer looking dude on the show. That kid was gettin’ hit up left and right for photos with the ladies.

The whole Vans crew was awesome as always. The Lake Show was on the plasma and the food was bangin’! From Silvios Brazilian BBQ, to burgers and a dope ice cream truck, we we’re all fed well. That chicken over at Silvio’s was delish! We were repeat offenders! And we can’t forget the fancy PBR and Popov! Thanks for the buzz, berps and headaches.

Four musical performances through out the night, while peeps skated the pool. The shit was tight! TSOL was crazy loud and closed up the night with a bang! It all was the goods!

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  1. Cindy

    oooooh shoot, is that MAX from tmz?? and who is that silly asian girl next to him? oh crap, it’s me… i think the dude in the rollerblades deserves to be on your front page, haha. had lots of fun my dearesssst!

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