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What really goes on in the ladies bathroom . . .

What really goes on in the ladies bathroom . . .

The TransWorld Skateboarding Awards hit the Avalon in Hollywood this past Friday, June 12, 2009 and what an event it was! The theater was packed with sweaty skate enthusiasts of all kinds just waiting to hear the winners, as well as the premiere of “Right Foot Forward.”

Adding to our natural high of happiness, the cocktail waitresses were serving up the free bevies in the New Era VIP balcony while we sweated beads. Damn that spot was crowded! Shit was so hot I opted to chill in the foyer a couple times. The premiere of “Right Foot Forward” was tight! Matt Beach killed! The crowd went wild after he closed his part with a silly-smooth, yet bad ass stunt. Watch the vid and you’ll see what I mean.

Following the vid, Osiris sponsored an eventful afterparty upstairs in the Spider Club. Free drinks, bands, DJ’s, and fun, friendly people all around. Although there were some hot ladies in the house, and of course your token porn stars (Alektra Blue and Mikayla Mendez presented awards), the ratio (like all skate events) was dominated by males; I’d guess about 70/30. Good for the girls, bad for the boys (I wasn’t complaining). Always great to run into all my North County/SD boys, love em! I was also stoked to run into my buddy Mario, the amazing drummer for the kick ass loudest psychedelic rock band in San Diego, Earthless! Apparently he can also lay down some pretty sweet soul rockin’ garage tracks as a DJ! Word.

We then afterpartied it up for a bit at the infamous Hotel Roosevelt where we ran into the super tall, Russel Brand—the cheezy rocker dude from “Forgetting About Sara Marshall.” That guy is great! Too bad the rest of the Roosevelt is usually saturated with LA douchebag actors, stanky reality TV peeps and lots of ridiculous sluts. We bounced back to the Renaissance and engaged in some SLEEP.

And the winners are:

Sean Malto

Heath Kirchart

Alien Workshop

Mind Field, Alien Workshop

Peter Hewitt

Anthony Van Engelen, Mind Field

Chris Cole

Christian Hosoi

Check out more highlights at TransWorld Skateboarding and at

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