Jereme Rogers Calls it Quits!

Wow! Guess the rumors are true. Straight up from Jereme’s Twitter:

“Official Retirement Party for Me tonight at Area, click default pic for details.”

“Yes I am officially retired. There will be an article an words from me in “The Skateboard Mag” droppin tomorrow.” (actually Monday, June 22)

“Thanks to everyone who’s supported me throughout my career, God bless you. Its been a great journey & I wouldn’t change a detail about it.”


8 thoughts on “Jereme Rogers Calls it Quits!

  1. Sandy

    Tell me about it! I finally deleted him off my Twitter cause I couldn’t hack his “mix tape” and “jesus loves me” tweets anymore. Was all for amusement. Hope the lord directs him back to skating. ha

  2. asdf

    TERRIBLE rapper…. like emberacing…….. Phenomenal skateboarder……. What a waste …. The dude’s probably going through some serious emotional/mental problems..

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  5. Butch

    He must have had one too many mushrooms the other week or too much Jesus to have QUIT SKATEBOARDING!!!! The rap thing is not gonna be anywhere successful as his skating career. And when he finally figures it out I don’t think the skate industry will be too forgiving.

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