sunsetrubdown_dragonslayer_“Dragonslayer” by Sunset RubdownWolf Parades’s co-frontmant/keyboardist, Spencer Krug has been keeping his musical pallet full with a colorful variety of bands. From the more widely known Wolf Parade, to Swan Lake, and Frog Eyes, his most active side project Sunset Rubdown has put out its fourth album “Dragon Slayer.”

With his unique voice, Krug at times reminds me of David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust era. A smooth yet shakey voice, full of power and emotion that can quickly be taken down to a soft sensitive tone. Filled with strong melodies, ethereal instrumentals and just an original all-around sound, Sunset Rubdown makes all Canadian indie rockers proud with “Dragon Slayer,” thus adding another great band and album to the Canadian roster.

A bit less experimental then their previous albums, “Dragon Slayer” is still full of pleasant surprises. I’m definitely diggin’ the psychedelic, story-like track “Black Swan.” It’s loaded with crazy instrumentals over what sounds like a spooky story book narration. While opening track “Silver Moons” has a bittersweet melody to it, almost making you sad. The lyrics sound like a farewell address or speech of some sort. And I love the female vocals of Camilla Wynne Ingr! She adds that sexy feminine touch that meshes so well with Krugs unique voice.

Dragon Slayer dropped June 23 via Jagjaguwar, alongside it’s current North American tour with the Elfin Saddle and the  Witchies. Check out for further tour dates and stream “Dragon Slayer” in all it’s entirety at