“In The Dark” – Horror Film Short by Enrique Garcia

Are you an indie horror film connoisseur? Into the whole short film thang? Well I highly recommend you check out this worthy flick written and directed by up and coming film star, Enrique Garcia. “In The Dark” is a chilling short that is pretty damn sweet, it had me gasping for air at some points (I’m a bit claustrophobic). The film is shot exceedingly well and the acting isn’t your typical cheese grade horror flick. Had this 16 + minutes of film gone full length, it would most definitely be something I’d like to catch.

Starring Tara Shayne, Brian Jordan Alvarez and Andre Bolourchi, three teens find themselves trapped inside a house that will stop at nothing to torture and torment them.

Garcia and his hot film “In The Dark” has created quite the buzz in the indie short film circuit and has already won some awards. Winner of Dam Short Film Festival’s Best Sci-Fi/Horror and Gone With The Film Festival’s Best Horror awards, and official selection at the Late Night Horror, Backseat and Bare Bones International Film Festivals (finalist at the USA Film Festival). What’s next? My crystal ball says the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Check it out!


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