"Bible Belt" by Diane Birch – Album Review

Bible_Belt“Bible Belt” by Diane Birch – The daughter of a preacher, this singer-songwriter has quite the lovely voice but I’m just not feeling it. Her debut album “Bible Belt” at times sounds like 80’s soft rock, a sound track for the “Thorn Birds.” I can’t deny that voice though, it’s amazing and she’s very easy on the eyes! Although the music isn’t of my ultimate taste, she has turned the heads of some top-notch musicians. Recorded in New York and New Orleans these impressive names came together as her band: Lenny Kaye (of The Patti Smith Group), Adam Blackstone from The Roots, George Porter of The Meters, acclaimed drummers Stanton Moore of Galactic and Cindy Blackman, saxophonist Lenny Pickett, and trombonist Tom “Bones” Malone.

A bit similar to Amy Winehouse, minus the embarrassing drug induced shenanigans, Birch can spit out a musical gumbo of soul, gospel, and blues hot enough to make the devil sweat. As I listened to her album, I  couldn’t help but yell out like a gospel sista with one hand up towards the sky above: “Rise up lil sister, rise up!”

Birch is a talented songstress with a killer band, but “Bible Belt” isn’t quite my cup of tea. Perhaps it’s yours.

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