stellastarr_civilized_204My eldest brother had gotten me into Stellastarr* a few years back and ever since then I’ve been a fan of their music. There’s just something so feel-good about their sound. Maybe it’s the unique combination of front-man Shawn Christensen’s unique and unusually alluring vocals fused with the soft cute voice of co-vocalist Amanda Tannes. Together they bring out an inspiring new wave sound but built with an indie rock feel for today.

It’s been about four years since these New Yorkers put out a new album. As their third studio album and self-released, “Civivlized” is a very nice album but I didn’t feel too much progression from their predecessors. In some ways they’ve gone a little harder and less melodic as in “Numbers.” It’s definitely a cool song with some high energy instrumentals that are personified even more with various points of build-up. It’s like they’re buttering you up to an unexpected rock-out.

“Prom Zombie” is a really fun and cute track. As the two sing along, it evokes a sweet feeling of high school nostalgia. You just want to join in, sing along and dance like one of those nerdy looking hipsters you see at shows these days.

All in all, it is a good album. I just think I was expecting a little more.