Fidotrust Fest ’09 in Long Beach, Calif.


It’s that time again! The District Weekly proudly presents Fidotrust Fest ’09 taking place Saturday, August 22nd at 7pm.

Four venues – Alex’s Bar, The Prospector, The Cellar, Que Sera.

Sixteen bands – Mike Watt and the Secondmen, Dios, Greater California, Thinking Aloud, The Paperplanes, Forcefield ON, Los Mysteriosos, Stab City, The Soft Hands, Bella Novela, Telomere Repair, Jessie Deluxe, Kiev, UV Lights, Juanita and the Rabbit, Fat Dukes of Fuck.

Two Big Red Busses to transport you from venue to venue.

One compilation cd featuring songs from every act on the venue!

NOTE: No one under 21 years old will be admitted.

$10 will get you all of the above.

Got it? Good!

Get you tickets here.

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