LED Light-Up Photon Skateboard!

As if those motorized longboards aren’t bad enough. I absolutely loath when I see those kooks cruising the boardwalk as I go from my run. It’s as lazy as a cop on a Segway! Well check this lame shit out, a LED light-up-Photon whatevs skateboard! Might’ve been cool if Liberace cruised it, but other than that it’s pretty lame. Maybe those who ride such a board can carry it in this sweet ass Louis Viutton bag?


8 thoughts on “LED Light-Up Photon Skateboard!

  1. kellz bellz

    It looks like something young kids will want on their christmas list this year, but I don’t know if anyone who is a serious skateboarder would want. Reminds me of the electrical parade at disneyland.

    Oh and Mr. Photon,
    If you are a true “artist” then you understand not everyone is going to like your stuff so you should accept the good and the bad, isnt that how you can become better at your craft? Sounds like someone has a hair stuck really far up their ass.

  2. Kristine G

    Freedom of speech, honey. Peeps are ridiculous blind if they think everything they will ever receive is positive press … the world just doesn’t go around like that. Don’t let the others dissuade you.

  3. Nikki

    Oh and Photon dude, it’s “Jake Brown” not “Jack Brown.” get your shit right before you drop names.

  4. Nikki

    Just read your tweet. Sandy, aren’t those dudes he “dropped names” with your friends? Ha! C-BAD misses ya darling.

  5. Evan

    Hey, Skate Daily tweeted this to! And guess what, they’re not into it either.

    “Hey, want to win a LED light-up skateboard? Yeah, neither do we. But in case you’re curious…or need a good laugh : http://bit.ly/11lIvI”

  6. Brian

    Just another mainstreamer jumping on the skate bandwagon. Those boards are just for show, not taken seriously in the skate industry. What a mark.

  7. Mr Photon

    Who the f@#K are you?
    I’ve done over 28 pro skateboarders decks these last two years…PLG, Lizzard King, Jack Brown, Jack Duncomb ….etc…Peter Smolik….etc…sold over 6000 boards in 1 1/2 years…what have u done?

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