Outside Lands Festival 2009 Day 3

Outside Lands 2009 Day 3 - 25Considering we didn’t go to bed till 6a.m. the night before, we got off to a very late start on Day Three of our Outside Lands experience. I woke up at 11:30a.m. and was super bummed because I was going to miss Big Light. Be sure to check out these jammin’ indie rockers, as they are quite a treat,

We caught the last few songs of Matt and Kim and they are such a fun two-person band. Kim had a perma grin as she banged away on the drums. They closed up with their hit song “Daylight” and got the whole crowd bouncing up and down like a bunch of nerds.

Next up and who I was waiting to see all weekend long, THE DEAD WEATHER! And might I add, the cold gloomy weather surrounding us couldn’t be any more suiting. This band has the sound, look, and powerful stage presence that every rock band should exude. Alison Mosshart owned the crowd before her with her gyrating Patti Smith-like movement and fierce howls. When Jack White rose from the drums to take the lead, the crowd went nuts as though God had come out from the dark San Francisco fog. The Dead Weather = A-Grade Rock Star.


We then went back to the dance party at the Heinieken Experience where Amp Live was throwing down the old school beats and bass. The shit was hot and induced our next wind of Outside Lands energy. Energized and ready to dance some more, we wen to check out MIA. After seeing her not-so-great set at Coachella we really hoped for something stellar. Easy on the fog horns and high on the energy, MIA definitely redeemed herself. However, her new song “Born Free” was kind of a downer even with the heavy punk undertone. Unfortunately, it also slowed down the pace for “Paper Planes.” Either the sound died a good half or she was just not feelin’ it, because “Paper Planes” got nobody moving. Regardless, she played a killer set except for the last two songs and damn were her dancers on fuckin’ point! Those two ginger-headed twins, those boys can cut shit up!

We closed the night up with an amazing set by Band of Horses. Song after song the band just played an inspiring set. It was great way to end our Outside Lands experience. As for Tenacious D., we opted out.

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