200px-The_Dead_Weather_-_HorehoundSo much hype over The Dead Weather and their new album “Horehound.” After listening to the album in all its entirety (many times), they have definitely lived up to all the hype and speculation of being the shit! With eleven tracks of shear radness, “Horehound” is killer! Whoever does their mass marketing can take it down a notch because the music speaks for itself. Although the album holds influences from a variety of genres including blues, metal, psychedelic, and even some rap undertones, “Horehound” emulates pure rock n’ roll and how it should sound.

Opening track, “60 Feet Tall” has a gritty blues swagger to it. I can only imaging how fuckin’ great Alison Mosshart looks with her gyrating Patti Smith like persona when she performs this song. Not to mention the guitaring on here is pretty damn sweet. Definitely one of my favs on the album.

“I Cut Like a Buffalo” is unique with their somewhat reggae, hip-hop sound. There’s more flowing and chanting than singing on this track. It sounds like something the Beastie Boys would come up with. And it all works!

“Treat Me Like Your Mother” is very hard, bang-your-head rock n’ roll but it too has a bit of a rap feel to it. I usually hate the fusion of rap and rock (rap-rock), such as the pathetic Limp Bizkit. But just like Rage Against the Machine making it work, so can The Dead Weather. Both can fuse the two sounds and still make it sound legit.

Then you have “3 Birds,” which is very experimental. All instrumentals setting you in a hazy cloud of psychedelic soundscapes. Ya dig?

Stick me in a hot, muggy bar and pass me the whiskey! Again you feel the sad, dreary blues with “Will There Be Enough Water.”

The intro to “Bone House” has an eerie electro feel that transitions into a cool beautiful set of psychedelic sounds. Not to mention, I love the chorus: “I always get the things I want!”

We all dig Jack White! That man is a musical genius. His voice sounds awesome in their fun track “Are Friends Electric?” It’s definitely a cool song with some creative carnival like tunes you would hear in a video game. Trippy …

You can stream The Dead Weather’s “Horehoud” on iLike up until its Tuesday release. Pre-order your double LP or CD prior to July 14 and receive one of two previously unseen live photos of the band, taken at the Roxy by photographer Nic Adler. The photo comes as a free download at checkout!