Top 25 Hottest Songs of the Summer

So sad to say goodbye to those sweet summer days and sexy nights as we make way for a cozy Fall. Many of us will remember epic summer moments through a specific song―a song in which you may have locked lips to, got drunken stupid with, ended a relationship, or just danced your sweet ass off all night long. Music is so great in which it captures a moment or memory so vividly.

In no particular order, Grimy Goods’ Top 20 Hottest Songs of the Summer:

  1. “Wild One” – Those Darlins
  2. “Dance Hall” – Sean Bones
  3. “Clean Break” – Jenny Owen Youngs
  4. “Sleepyhead” – Passion Pit
  5. “I Want Some More” – Dan Auerbach
  6. “Ain’t Gonna Save Me” – Jay Reatard
  7. “Zero” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  8. “1901” – Phoenix
  9. “Stillness is the Move” – Dirty Projectors
  10. “Surprise Hotel” – Fool’s Gold
  11. “60 Feet Tall “ – The Dead Weather
  12. “Seven Sevens” – Wolf & Cub
  13. “Summer Time Clothes” – Animal Collective
  14. Tremendous Dynamite” – Eeels
  15. “Two Weeks“ – Grizzly Bear
  16. “Life In Marvelous Times” – Mos Def
  17. “Oh No” – Andrew Bird
  18. “Lo and Behold” – The Ettes featuring Dan Auerbach
  19. “Wilco”(the song) – Wilco
  20. “I Feel Cream” – Peaches
  21. “I’ll Be With You” –  Black Lips
  22. “Wolf” – Post Post
  23. “Gimme Sympathy” – Metric
  24. “Daniel” – Bat For Lashes
  25. “Heads Will Roll” –  Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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