2009 Red Bull Soapbox Race!

Photo: Camilo Rozo

Photo: Camilo Rozo

You’ve seen the commercials, you’ve seen the flyers, but have you witnessed the ridonkulous action? No, well neither have I but I’ve heard nothing but goods about this crazy race of fun.

Red Bull Soapbox Race is set to speed through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Forty-two teams are gearing up to race down Grand Avenue onto 5th Street this Saturday, Sept. 26. The wacky event will feature a field of 42 hand-made soapbox racers, driven by men and women daring enough to brave steep drops, a 90° turn and scary speeds in pursuit of achieving glory. But this race is far from your stereotypical childhood derby, and these are no ordinary vehicles! Angelenos can keep their eyes peeled for a giant nose, a bunk bed, a time-traveling DeLorean, Pac-Man, an Aztec temple and more zooming down Grand Ave and taking a sharp turn onto 5th Street next to Pershing Square Park.

Photo: Stan Evans

Photo: Stan Evans

Get ready to see some whacked out characters: E.T. and Elliot flying over the moon, OJ Simpson being chased by the police and the cast from Alice in Wonderland riding a giant caterpillar. And where are the Wild Things? Also expect appearances by Speed Racer, James Bond, Falkor from The Never Ending Story and Lord Dark Helmet from Spaceballs and way more oddities!

See you there!

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