Continuing to draw intensity and suspense with their notable drum and guitar solos, The Ettes’ new album “Do You Want Power” stays true to their infectious ferocious sound, but have found a perfect balance of all things soft and those that tend to be a little rougher. Just like when it comes to performance under the sheets, they’re delivering the best of both worlds: gentle and rough.


“Do You Want Power” has a perfect combination of both the gentle melodic songs and the electrifying rock-your-face off anthems we’ve grown to assimilate with The Ettes. Blending in various elements of country, blues, punk and all things rock, The Ettes fail to disappoint us once again. Doused with songs relevant to love, the lyrics can be spiteful and lined with feelings of anger and hurt towards the wrong doing of another (perhaps a cheating heart).

Front-woman Coco’s upbeat vivacious lyrics pull a 360 in “While Your Girl’s Away.” Her sweet vocals become a somber, blues driven portrayal of infidelity.

As heard on their kick-ass EP “Danger Is,” Dan Auerbach records and remixes the fuzz-driven track “No Home.” It’s a bad ass tune full of explosive rock n’ roll.

Smoldering with an intro full of bassist’s, Jem’s contagious fuzz and a blazing harmonica howl, “Walk Out That Door” will incite a series of convulsions  through out your body. You can’t help but move and rock out when you listen to this awesome track. Lyrics straight up hold some truth!

Taking it back to some 80’s hair-metal shredding, the guitaring in “I Can Be Your Lover (But I Can’t Be Your Baby)” is pretty damn rad. The dark moments of Poni’s drum rolls leading up to the guitar solo are quite enticing giving Coco’s melancholy lyrics an apologetic touch.

With a sweet country twang, “Love Lies Bleeding,” is a an honest sincere song that would make Patsy Cline proud.

Opening up as though it were a passed on tale of folklore, “Seasons” rolls with an eerie incantation of change, yet it carries a lovely eloquence.

“Modern Game” rolls in with delicate electro beats followed by Coco’s soft vocals calling out the one that did her wrong. The emotional intensity is heightened with suspenceful drum rolls and power chords leading into  a harsh repetitive hook. Damn cheaters …

Featured in both “Entourage” and Drew Barrymore’s new film “Whip It,” The Ettes bring forth yet another riveting album full of songs you’ll never get bored of. I’ve been listening to “Do You Want Power” on the daily for a month straight: it rocks.

Tour dates w/Juliette and The Licks here. Ettes.doyouwantpower

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Pros: Every fuckin’ song!

Cons: Only 13 tracks!