Devendra Banhart Releases "Angelika" From Upcoming Release "What Will We Be"

DevendraBI love how in his latest release, “Angelika,” off his upcoming album “What Will We Be,” Devendra Banhart let’s his Venezuelan roots shine. Not only does he pronounce the name “Angelika” with that sweet Latin tongue, but the song transcends from his token indie folk into a sexy Spanish flow of lyrics and howls.

Stream “Angelika”on Pitchfork here.

Now on big corpo record label, Warner Brothers Records, Banhart’s new album “What Will We Be” will debut October 27th.

Have you checked out “Baby,” the first single off his new album? Stream it here in all its entirety (none of that 30 seconds shit).  It’s pretty sweet, but I’m all about “Angelika.”

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