Two man bands seem to be all the hype of the late, but only a few select performers can pull it off. In the case of Brooklyn duo, Asobi Seksu, they played a high-energy show last Thursday at the Troubador, alongside Anna Ternheim and Loney, Dear. I wouldn’t quite call them a duo though. And I don’t know why “others” have referred to them as such. They’re a full-on kick-ass band with a guitarist, drummer, bassist, and an adorable Japanese doll by the name of Yuki Chikudate, who womans the vocals and keyboards for the band. Let me tell you, standing barely 5ft. tall in heels, that lil girl maybe tiny in stature, but she has the vocals of a GIGANTOR. Although her sweet melodic voice can be oh-so-delicate, homegirl can also thrash out with the best of them: both on the keyboards and her vocals.

Asobi Seskun at Troubador - 14

Lead guitarist, James Hanna, is a fierce guitar player. As hard is it is to take your eyes off the cute and sexy, Chikudate, Hanna’s energized stage presence pulls you in like a magnet. That dude can shred the guitar and has the raddest movement. Drummer Larry Gorman can keep a slow and steady roll or whip out the insanely chaotic drum lines, while bassist Billy Pavone, stands tall as he handles the bass with such smooth motives.

Very moving, very psychedelic, very energized …  very fuckin’ cool. Check out Asobi Seksu’s live performance, you won’t be disappointed.

Asobi Seskun at Troubador - 08

PS – Did you know “Asobi Seksu” is colloquial Japanese for “casual sex”, or more literally “playful sex” ? All the more reason to enjoy this thrashing, yet soft band.

Asobi Seskun at Troubador - 03 Asobi Seskun at Troubador - 13 Asobi Seskun at Troubador - 15