The Good:

  • The Bauer’s shuttle lines were bearable considering we had some dude, Ricky Lee Robinson setting up shop across the street and playing some good rock n’ roll for us.
  • PS – Bauer’s shutlles were super fancy with leather interior and tables. I was expecting a school bus for shuttle service like at the 1st Maloof Money Cup!
  • Saturday called for perfect festival weather: Sunny day with warm, yet cool temps.
  • Passion Pit, how I fuckin’ love thee. They kicked off Saturday’s Treasure Island Music Festival dance party for sure! Non-stop movement for all attendees.
  • I almost got run over by a cupcake! It looked tasty weird!
  • I got fondled by a sandwich, it was kinda nice!
  • Sexy trappeez showing us her booty and spread legged stylings
  • Dan Deacon was all sorts of weird crazy cool beats and sound! Plushies on stage and fans making a love-bridge-of-arms with kids running through it! Happy times!
  • MSTRKRFT! Hands down, one of TIMF’s best performances. Playing those early 90’s underground club beats, it took us elders back to rave nostalgia. As for the younger generation, well they were just lost in translation. With 16-year-old standing still as they held their hula-hoops, they didn’t have the slightest fuckin’ clue as to how to break it down to MSTRKRFT!
  • Girl Talk! The crowd was immense! Last time I was him play was at Wanderlust and we were fortunate to be a part of the onstage dance party. Are all his sets the same? This one seemed identical to the Wanderlust set. Loved the fireworks across the bay at the end of the show.
  • MGMT was pretty cool to see live (my first time) although I do think they sound better on audio. Considering there was gonna be madd shuttle lines, we cut out after “Kids.” They played their entire album track for track. Bummed I missed the rest but I wasn’t gonna sit in shutlle lines for hours! Next time they should have an opener close it up!
  • My boy’s roomie got to play after MGMT for the after-party on Treasure Island. Props to San Fran’s DJ Moral (Tom).
  • The drunk dude from Scotland on the shuttle ride back covered in stickers was too much comedic enjoyment. My face still hurts from laughing so hard!
  • Mezzanine’s TIMF after-party was off the fuckin’ hook with LA’s Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros and Dan Deacon. We danced, we played, we had a damn good time. Thanks to my boy Gordon at Spinning Platters for hookin’ it up!

The Bad:

  • Press/Media organization by Tell All Your Friends PR sucked ass! Not only was I waiting for an hour to solve our photo pass issue, but up there with me were two other photogs lacking their promised photo passes. We were approved for a media pass and a photo pass in early September. Very unprofessional on Tell All Your Friend PR, they still didn’t solve our issue even with the proven emails. In the end my photog had to take her killer Nikon with a variety of lens including her mondo 70-200mm f/2.8 lens!!!! all the way back to the car via shuttle to stash it since they wouldn’t allow pro cams in. They didn’t even have the decency to grant us another media pass for the whole inconvenient mishap (let a lone a basic comp). Good thing we have connections else where:  got her in and two other of my girls.  PS – I can’t believe the type and quality of Web sites that did in fact receive photo passes. Ridiculous.
  • Media tent was pretty shotty. No food and beverages and the bit of water they provided us with was gone during Passion Pit’s performance and never to be replenished. Not to mention some photog got his $6,000 camera and equipment stolen from there!
  • Ferris wheel really wasn’t that great. We couldn’t really see any views unless we stood up! And it was pretty damn short. Great for the novelty though and that’s about it.
  • Whoever set the porto-potties up is a dumb ass! They should be on both sides of the festival, not corralling us like cows in a distant corner. Also, porto-potties shouldn’t be facing each other! They should facing the same direction so various rows can be made, not one pit!

The Ugly:

  • It got pretty muddy near the ferris wheel and Tunnel Stage. I saw some chick totally eat shit!
  • $7 beer and wine!
  • If you were at the Bridge Stage left, you know that the trees are the best spot in the house. Too many people sitting in one frail tree equates to a big crash! The tree branch broke off and a few attendees took a fall. LOL and OUCH!

All in all, awesome Day one at Treasure Island Music Festival. Props to Noise Pop Industries and Another Planet Entertainment for putting on a great event.

Check back tomorrow for Day Two!