“For fuck’s sake!” In the words of front-man, Ian McCulloch, of England’s iconic Echo & The Bunnymen, “for fuck’s sake” they put on a killer show! Opeing up for Echo & The Bunnymen this past Saturday, Oct. 23 at the NOKIA Theatre was She Wants Revenge. Perfect for the dark theme and eerie ambiance of the venue, She Wants Revenge played a really great opening set. Amidst his dark and alluring vocals, I couldn’t help but notice front-man Justin Warfield’s body movement. It was very rock n’ roll yet he had the sexiest sway!

The theatre was totally dark! No cameras were allowed and there wasn’t even any press photos up in the mix. Thank goodness for iPhones and the lucky few of us that were able to sneak in our cameras to deliver you some of the on-stage magic Echo put on for us.

The whole venue was dark and fuzzy through dim-blue on-stage lights. It was a pretty sweet set-up and the colors and ambiance were a perfect fit for Echo. Opening up with the upbeat “Silver,” Echo played the entire “Ocean Rain” album! With a fuckin’ full-on orchestra! It was absolutely beautiful! Not to mention McCulloch’s vocals were so lovely. They came off as clear and melodic as they did in ’84.

As soon as my favorite song, “The Killing Moon” came on, I was all smiles. I busted out my camera and video taped the entire song. Shotty shooting in the dark, but the sound is perf! Check it out below.

In addition to “Ocean Rain,” Echo played some songs off their new album “The Fountain” and various greatest hits. “Lips Like Sugar” was AMAZING! I only wish the big-bad-security-lady hadn’t caught me videoing cause it grew pretty sweet and psychedelic towards the end.

Encore: Fuck yeah! Echo played “Nothing Last Forever,” a sick cover of Lou Reeds “Walk on the Wild Side” and the always sweet “Lips Like Sugar.”

Another hot cover that McCulloch sang so well was the The Door’s “Roadhouse Blues.” That shit was bustin’ with dirty blues and rockin’ psychedelia. As I ran a Twitter search when I got home, it was the most tweeted song. Gotta have love for Jim Morrison and The Doors.