Nikki Lau to Smash a Giant Piñata Living Room at Medicine Agency

San Francisco’s Medicine Agency always delivers a pretty rockin’ selection of edgy and hip shows—shows for the more eclectic and bored of the same humdrum visuals.  This Friday, Nov. 20 you’re gonna wanna witness this destructively friendly event.

Nikki Lau will be smashing a giant piñata living room at Medicine Agency. Whoever said piñatas were just for kids?

Lau is a San Francisco conceptual artist that has spent nearly a year designing and building an entire piñata living room; with all the furniture and objects filled with candy.

…and the goods are gonna get SMASHED up! Witness the fun destructo maddness at 8 p.m. Bring your grab bag for candy!

Medicine Agency
1262 Mason Street in San Francisco


Nikki Lau – Piñata living room ON MEDS (Medicine Agency) from Medicine Agency on Vimeo.

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