Rob Machado – The Drifter Contest!

Here’s your chance to win a copy of the legendary Rob Machado’s highly anticipated DVD “The Drifter!” You’ll also get a bar of Rob’s own organic blend of surf wax, as well as a copy of the latest issue of FILTER, where there is a sweet “Drifter” feature.

P.S. – The sound track kicks ass!



In the summer of 2008, iconic surfer and former Pipe Master, Rob Machado, flew to Indonesia to experience a different kind of surf trip. The journey ultimately took him way beyond his comfort zone, where he was finally alone with his thoughts, desires and the empty perfection of an unnamed Indian Ocean reef. What he discovered was beautifully captured in the autobiographical film, “The Drifter.” The DVD will be released on Dec. 8 courtesy of Hurley and Warner Bros. Records.

Awesome soundtrack featuring:
The Black Keys
Iron & Wine
Tegan & Sara
Dr. Dog
Jon Swift
Rob Machado
Stardeath & White Dwarfs
By The Fireside
The Raconteurs
Jon and Roy
The Len Brown Society
Brett Dennen
Bon Iver
Jose Gonzalez
The Shins

One thought on “Rob Machado – The Drifter Contest!

  1. Christine

    Is there any way that you could give me the names of the songs in the movie? You already posted the names of the bands which is awesome. I want to make a soundtrack cd but I have no idea what any of the songs are called. I would really appreciate it.

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