The Vice Guide to Liberia 8-Part Series! Gnarley Shit You Gotta See!

******UPDATE: Dayum, it only get’s heavier. Check out the final installment of the Vice Guide to Liberia, Part 8. CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT! **********

If you’re not familiar with Vice magazine and VBS TV, you’re really missing out. Always rolling out the shockers and the craziest controversial videos of shit that’s really going on across the globe, prepare yourself for some insane global carnage.

Vice present their new hour-long documentary, “The Vice Guide to Liberia.” Last year, VICE founder, Shane Smith and Editor Andy Capper, visited Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, to meet three men who participated in the 14 years of civil war. One of the men giving them a guided tour is Joshua Blahyi, aka General Butt Naked, an ex-war lord famed for forcing his soldiers to fight wearing nothing but shoes. Blahyi admits to killing more than 20,000 people and drinking the blood of children, but now spends his time preaching about his quest for forgiveness. WTF?

But wait, the shit get even gnarlier! As the team become familiar with the Monrovians, they visit some of the most dangerous spots in the city: jails, brothels and heroin dens, and meet the endless victims of the civil war who are trying to piece the country and their lives back together.

Peep part 1 of and 8-segment series below! Check back everyday at VBS TV for the next installment of the “Vice Guide to Liberia.” Every day from Jan. 19-27, a new video will be posted. Tender eyes and ears with no cajones beware!

8 thoughts on “The Vice Guide to Liberia 8-Part Series! Gnarley Shit You Gotta See!

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  2. Kristine G

    Such sad, horrifying stuff, but good for VBS for keepin’ it real and putting some awareness out there. Makes me feel so damned fortunate. :/

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