Stream the Entire New Album of The Knife’s “Tomorrow, In a Year”

You can now stream The Knife‘s “Tomorrow, In a Year” in all  its tripped-out, eclectic, operatic, enticing entirety! Just click here to listen!

The Knife, in collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock – ‘Tomorrow, In A Year’, is now available to buy directly from the Rabid Records store below as a download or pre-order a CD copy and receive the download instantly.

To read more about the project visit the ‘Tomorrow’ In A Year’ website:, where you can also hear ‘A roundtable conversation on Tomorow, In A Year’ featuring The Knife (Olof and Karin), Planningtorock and Mt. Sims

CD 1

01. Intro
02. Epochs
03. Geology
04. Upheaved
05. Minerals
06. Ebb Tide Explorer
07. Variation of Birds
08. Letter to Henslow
09. Schoal Swarm Orchestra
CD 2
01. Annie’s Box
02. Tumult
03. Colouring of Pigeons
04. Seeds
05. Tomorrow in a Year
06. The Height of Summer
Bonus track
07. Annie’s Box (alt. vocal)

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