The loudest band in San Diego (and probably all of Cali) played a packed show at the Detroit Bar on Friday, Feb. 19, 2010. Eartheless, composed of three San Diego rockers: drummer, Mario Rubalcaba; bass player, Mike Eginton and Isaiah Mitchell on the acid guitar will blow your ears back to a 60’s psych era where bashing cymbals and jammed out guitar were all the craze.

Whenever a friend tells me they’re going to see Earthless play, I always ask, “Did you wear earplugs?” And naturally, of course they didn’t wear earplugs. But they all say “hell yeah!” to the fact their ears were ringing for a couple days and they were hearing voices from rock n’ roll’s past.

Watching Earthless perform live is like an out of body experience sans the hoodoo or hallucinogenics. These guys rock so fuckin’ hard, you get sucked into their explosive instrumentals and captured in a psychedelic world of straight up ROCK N ROLL. I cannot stress how much you need to check these guys. They will melt your face off with their sound and splatter it across the walls, leaving you happily lost in a sea of  musical euphoria.

Check out their future tour dates here and get some of their tunes here!

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Ciera Leisenfelder

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